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Franklin D. Reeves Center

2000 14TH ST NW
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Year Constructed: 1985
Floor Count:
Floor Area: 474,680 ft²

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Portland, ME
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The Franklin D. Reeves Center is one of the District government's largest municipal office buildings. At one point the location of the Mayor's office, the building now houses the District's Department of General Services, the Department of Public Works, and the DC Lottery Board, and the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Service Department is expected to relocate to the Reeves Center in late 2013. When it was constructed in the 1980s, the building was intended to help spur redevelopment along the U Street corridor.


Building Type: Office
Census Tract 2010: 4,300
Building Number: 1
Land Area: 97,600
Square Suffix And Lot: 0204 0844
Section Number: 1
Wall Height: 8
Effective Year Built: 1985
Sale Number: 1
Use Code: 52
X Coord: 397165.1969
Y Coord: 138856.67672
Grade Class: 35
Ward: Ward 1
Anc: ANC 1B
Voting Precinct: Precinct 22
Building Data Source:
DC City Government


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Washington, DC US
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