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Bank of America and its co-developer, the Durst Organization, achieved LEED Platinum certification in 2008 for their bank headquarters. The building is 52 stories and 2.1 million square feet in size.


Unlike most large buildings, the tower will generate a significant portion of its power on site through a 5.1 megawatt cogeneration system. It also will save about half the energy used by most buildings its size; filter out about 95% of the particulates in the air drawn into the building; use less expensive night-time power to produce ice used to cool the building; and conserve millions of gallons of water every year through methods such as green roofs and waterless urinals. 


Cost Savings: Water savings = $60,000
Energy Savings: 10.3 million gallons of water/yr

Benefits & Savings

Strategies Used

The building incorporates a variety of water saving strategies that render this an unprecedented green project.


Rooftop Rainwater

95% of the stormwater collected onsite is reused. Rainwater is collected and stored on the roofs and at points throughout the 52 floors. The water is used for flushing and uses a gravity-based system. No mechanical pumping is needed to deliver water from the base of the building up to the top floor and then flushed back down to the base. The water is already stored at the point it is needed from the supply of rain stores.

2.3 million gallons per year are saved from this initiative.


Indoor Reservoir

Five tanks that were constructed in the building's core can hold up to 330,000 gallons of water. The reclaimed water is filtered and disinfected and then used for flushing toilets, cooling tower makeup or steam production.

2.6 million gallons per year are saved from steam condensate.


Low-Flow Toilets, Waterless Urinals, Automated Faucets

Waterless urinals were installed, though at the time the project needed to obtain a variance from the city to permit the installation. Waterless urinals had not been seen in projects before. Automated low-flow faucets reduce flow to just 0.5 gallons per minute, much less than the 2.2 gallons per minute allowed by New York code.

3.4 million gallons per year are saved from waterless urinals. Another 1.1 million gallons are saved per year from the lavatories.


Groundwater Cooling

During the summer months, the project team taps the cold water reservoirs and pumps the cool water into the lower levels of the building for cooling. Once the heat transfer takes place, the warmer water is then pumped into the building's storage tanks for reuse.

0.9 million gallons per year are saved from cooling coil reuse.


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