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Genesys Engineering, P.C. (GENESYS) is a multi-discipline engineering firm that
provides planning, design, construction, and commissioning services for new and
existing energy and utility infrastructure projects, assisting our clients in implementing their most
challenging projects in a cost effective manner.

GENESYS, with offices in Pelham and Kingston, NY, has a staff of more than forty (40),
working on a broad range of projects in the energy field.

GENESYS’ main focus is on the study, design, construction management, and
commissioning of energy and utility infrastructure projects for major facilities. These
projects include:
 cogeneration plants;
 central boiler plants;
 central chiller plants;
 emergency power plants;
 HVAC infrastructure for buildings;
 primary electric distribution; and
 thermal distribution.

In addition to our extensive engineering and design experience, GENESYS’ Principals
and employees have experience in project development and operations, giving us a
perspective, which is unique to our industry and critical to the success of a project.

At GENESYS, our engineers have a unique combination of practical “hands on”
experience, strong engineering expertise and a commitment to quality. Our practical
experience includes boiler and power plant operations, condition assessment of
equipment and systems, troubleshooting equipment and systems, start-up and
performance testing.

GENESYS also assists owners and developers in implementing alternative project
delivery methods including design/build, energy performance contracts, and
design/build/own/operate contracts.


Construction Management

The key to success for any project, regardless of complexity, is effective coordination, communication and management. Genesys Engineering provides comprehensive construction management services at all phases of your project, keeping you on schedule and within budget. These services include: Project Planning and Analysis: An accurate understanding of the owner’s objectives is the keystone of the project. During this phase, alternatives developed by the design team are evaluated for constructability and schedule and budget constraints. Project Schedule Development: Using the Critical Path Method, project milestones are set utilizing such items as equipment procurement lead times, special needs to maintain ongoing plant operations, and accommodation of seasonal weather impacts. Procurement and Expediting: The timely procurement of equipment is essential in maintaining the project schedule. We assemble pre-purchase specifications, solicit bids from qualified vendors, evaluate bids and make recommendations

Energy Management Services

Genesys Engineering's personnel have saved clients millions of dollars through the design, development, and implementation of many comprehensive energy management programs. These programs extend far beyond the installation of new equipment and focus on operator training, the implementation of new operating protocalls, and establishing preventive maintenance programs. We can provide energy master planning services including evaluating energy supply options, energy modeling, capital expenditure assessments and life cycle cost analyses to achieve your energy goals. Our practical, hands-on approach coupled with our vast technical depth provides our clients with a mechanism to achieve their financial and operational goals. Genesys Engineering has extensive experience in partnering with owners and other third party technical and financial organizations to develop, design and implement performance based energy initiatives. Our project breadth ranges from large, complex cogeneration systems to the implementation o

Engineering And Design

Genesys Engineering is committed to delivering efficient designs that are easy to construct, operate and maintain; the net result is a superior final product. As part of our foremost commitment to meet project needs, a Firm Principal takes project responsibility until the project is complete and the client is fully satisfied. Our capable team can take your project from the conceptual stage through construction and equipment turnover to occupancy. Conceptual Design: In this phase, we work together with you to establish design concepts that apply the best technology, within your financial resources, to meet the needs of your business. Schematic Design: In the schematic phase, realistic options are developed with a view toward commercially available equipment, regulatory concerns, siting, and budget constraints. Design Development: In the design development phase, the “best value” design is developed , balancing the regulatory issues, the project needs, the owner’s expectations and financial resources.

Building Commissioning Services

Genesys Engineering believes buildings should operate properly, efficiently and should support and enhance, rather than burden, the occupants and programs they are designed to serve. Building Commissioning is a key component to achieving those goals by proactively and systematically identifying issues before they become chronic financial and operational problems. Protecting our client's investment is our top priority and our Building Commissioning Services are designed to help our clients better manage, control and ultimately reduce the cost of building construction and ownership. Recent studies indicate that on average the operating costs of a commissioned building range from 8 to 20 percent BELOW that of a non-commissioned building. The one-time investment in building commissioning can result in reduced operating costs that will last the life of the building.

Plant Condition Assessment

The reliability of your plant depends on the fitness for operation of each component of your system. Genesys Engineering has a broad spectrum of experience in the operation and maintanance of central plant equipment, providing us with the ability to accurately assess the condition and remaining life of your equipment and systems. Our investigative services include: Review of Operating History and Parameters Evaluation and Analysis of Key Systems and Equipment Rotating Equipment Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers Electrical Systems Field Testing and Lab Analysis Performance Testing and Verification of Plant Integrity Genesys Engineering provides you with a plain-English summary report that outlines: Physical Condition and Safety of Operation Equipment Life Cycle Estimate Recommendations for Repair or Life Extension Rehabilitation and Re-powering Strategies Genesys Engineering can also provide start-up services for new plants as well as customized o
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